The Nice Narcissist

She’s so good, it’s bad

Nadja Scarlett
3 min readOct 1, 2021


Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash

She is pleasant. The qualities society considers a nice person ~ meaning outgoing with a cheerful demeanor.

Over time you notice suspicious mannerisms.

She LOVES to talk about herself; her favorite subject! Plus, the awesome ideas she has are certain to be a success! I mean, she’s so clever.

Great ideas ooze out of her like easy cheese from a can. Everyone gasps in admiration when she shares them — I’m being sarcastic. But if only she could get started! Maybe you can help out, you little minion, and be one of her assistants.

She craves compliments. It’s her drug of choice.

She shares the compliments she receives to ensure everyone knows. She’s like a walking Yelp recommendation for herself. 5-star reviews on her positive attitude! Aren’t you amazed? She’s so wonderful!

Selfies galore! Picture here, picture there, pictures everywhere! Look at me, look at me. Aren’t I marvelous? I’m so pretty is the norm for her, with heavily filtered photos.

An adult show and tell.

Hidden behind this noise are the makings of a narcissist. It’s hard to believe because she’s soo approachable! It’s a sneaky little thing. You almost want to check yourself. Could it be true? Someone who’s much nicer than you, a narc? Come on! Are you sure? Maybe you’re the narc.

But you’re not; you’ve checked—too many disqualifiers.

Nice doesn’t always mean nice. Sometimes it’s a show. Sometimes, nice is manipulative.

Sometimes nice is to get a reaction, a glowing response from others. To hear people echo how fabulous you are to boost shaky self-esteem. Without it, there’s crushing uncertainty.

Look, isn’t that nice? She helped someone on the side of the road who needed assistance. She pulled over with a cell phone in her helping hand then recorded good deeds.

She took a picture with the person in need. Then shared it all over social media. Aren’t you impressed? Don’t you think she’s the best?

But why did she really help? Good intentions soaked with attention-seeking behavior. It’s mega validation! A story to share that makes her look…



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