Sleepy Stories That Keep You Awake

One can only dream

Nadja Scarlett
3 min readApr 26, 2022


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I’ve noticed a pattern of sleep themes weaved in the mix of my creative stories.

What is it about sleep? Could it be the role sleep plays in our lives? The way dreams distort and imitate life.

Humans spend about 1/3 of their lifetimes asleep.

This article claims sleep is more important than food. Extreme sleep deprivation kills faster than food deprivation; due to increased morbidity risks. But, there could be more to this …

15% of the population are sleepwalkers.

Humans average about two hours a night dreaming, even when we don’t remember our dreams.

Negative dreams and negative emotions while dreaming are more common than positive dreams and positive emotions.

Around 8% of people experience sleep paralysis.

Despite current knowledge, sleep and dreams remain a mystery.

As a writer who’s fond of creating spooky, psychological tales. I would be satisfied to hear my stories temporarily — didn’t allow you to sleep so well.

What a dream; for them to be that good!

Like that frightening movie, you watched before bed. Your mind is now a projector filled with dark images of words sprung from the pages.

Monsters you never knew.

A daring dance with odd entities.

Maybe the monster is you!

Here are short stories with the potential to keep you awake. Or at least intrigue your thoughts.

Come and experience slumber in eerie ways!

Included is a brief synopsis to know what you’re in for, with a horror scale of 1–5.

The Seduction of Sleep, You Can’t Resist

A different type of poem. This itty bit teases with the forceful and seductive powers of sandman energy.

Won’t disrupt sleep, might make you view bedtime differently.

Scary factor — 1.



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